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Lemon Burn Max Premium Formula Powder is 50% Stronger with 20% more detox Fat Burner ingredients. One package is equivalent to 2 bottles of Lemon Burn. A great value! 

This bad bacteria fighting product helps to balance gut health, flush the colon while reducing bloat in the stomach. 

Take this Powerful Powder Formula 2x to 3x daily with or without meals.

Are you ready to be the next Lemon Burn Success Story? 

Lemon Burn Max Powder is an effective fat burner beverage which leads to weight loss. 

It is an all natural detox that suppresses appetite, burns fat, stimulates digestion, and safely decreases abdominal visceral fat. 

Use Lemon Burn by itself or incorporate with a exercise for faster results. Using Lemon Burn is a lifestyle. Add this drink to your daily diet. 

Servings Per Container About 60


Mix with water and drink 4oz (heated) 15 mins before or after your first meal of the day. May consume 2 to 6 oz with each meal of the day. 

Add more hot water to improve digestion, relieve congestion, maintain hydration and aid in weight loss.  

For faster results this product should be used along with consuming a healthy diet and incorporating exercise. 

For the best results finish the entire package. 

For the most optimal results it is advisable to do a course of 3 months. It takes time to create a new habit and improve your health. 


Apple cider vinegar, black seed oil (thymohydroquinone, thymol, thymoquinone), olive oil, rose hips, fennel seeds, senna powder, papaya, buckthorn bark, barberry root (berberine), celery, grape root, psyllium husk, lemon juice, lemon water, fiber

Made in Michigan, USA

Please Note: Shop Pay Installments are not applicable to Lemon Burn purchases. No returns or exchanges.  

If you are local and live in the Metro Detroit area you could pick up your order from our store in the Fisher Building. 3011 W Grand Blvd, Detroit, MI, 48202. 

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We will give you a call to answer your questions. 


Are you ready to become a Lemon Burn Success Story?

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Lemon Burn Fat Burner Drink


Lemon Burn Fat Burner Drink


Lemon Burn Fat Burner Drink

Lemon Burn Fat Burner Drink

Lemon Burn Fat Burner Drink


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