Air Fresheners - Mother's Day!

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A perfect gift for mom! Great for cars, lockers, cubicles, bags, etc! Our Air Fresheners are one of our top selling products! People of every age buy these as little gifts or fun souvenirs. These long-lasting aroma bead air fresheners will keep your car, locker, or gym bag fresh for four to six weeks. Scents: Beach Day (blue): A trip to the beach, no matter the weather! Blends of coconut + suntan lotion. Blueberries + Bourbon (blue): Sweet blueberries & vanilla beans. Fruit Stand (orange): Delicious blends of mango + papaya. Macintosh Apple (red): Juicy & fruity, not fake smelling! Oh Sweet Pea (pink): Soft floral option. Pomegranate Mist (pink): Perfect fruity mix!