Air Fresheners - Spring Vibes (your state)!

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Good Vibes = Best Vibes! Let us know which state to highlight for you in the customization box! Our Air Fresheners are one of our top selling products! People of every age buy these as little gifts or fun souvenirs. These long-lasting aroma bead air fresheners will keep your car, locker, or gym bag fresh for four to six weeks. Choose your scent, shape and label!! Labels with pre-selected scents: Beautiful Vibes (yellow): Little Lemon Tree - fresh citrus! Fresh Water Vibes (blue): Beach Day - coconut + suntan oil. Good Vibes (blue) Blue Razzberry - Zippy mix of berries. Positive Vibes (yellow): Pineapple Blossom - sweet with a hint of floral. Spring Vibes (pink): Floral Sweet Pea Up North Vibes (green): Lime + Cilantro: Zingy lime with a touch of cilantro.