Cute Bear Magnetic Ring Stand with Vent clip

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Drive safely and still have access to your phone with this cute Bear Magnetic Ring Stand that comes with a vent clip. The vent clip is able to connect with all types of car vents. 

Product Features & Benefits

  • Cellphone Magnetic Ring Stand with 360 degree rotation which allows you to view the phone screen in portrait or landscape mode
  • Place phone on stand when in the car for safe hands free operation
  • Fits all car vent styles (vertical,horizontal and round shape vents)
  • The ring stand is a great way to hold your phone and provide you with more control. It also props up your phone when placed on a flat surface, allowing better viewing of the screen
  • Cute bear design
  • Available in red/black combo
  • 2 pcs included in package. Fits any cellphone on the market